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Vydavatelé: Rhino Stew
Vývojáři: Hyacinth Nil
Žánry: Indie, Simulátory
Příbuzné kategorie: Indie hry, Závodní hry, Simulátory

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27. února 2018 - PC
27. února 2018 - Mac

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Alas, but earthly hardships aren't restricted to trains and Douglas Mortimer is well aware of this, his problem is made of bones, flesh and blood. The smoothness, played by Lee Van Cleef, cherishes the soul with thoughts of revenge, but not only revenge is in the center with the plot of Sergio Leone's brainchild, because beyond just the retired colonel, there is another hero from the film. Fast, accurate, discreet, another bounty hunter. A minimum of curious, but at most wildly interesting, especially when the “one-armed” shooter is played by Bruce Lee in the world of Westerns - Clint Eastwood. It's not hard to guess that the paths of Mortimer along with the nameless shooter will cross in the world in the wild west. The spaghetti is from the pot. In A Few Dollars More, phrases such as “in 10 mins you're going to be smoking in hell” or “you'll need a new sheriff” are inevitable. The hero of Clint Eastwood is shown like a shooter whose abilities would be relevant within a sci-fi novel, but the only thing that is claimed can not be attributed to the disadvantages of your narrative. Including the most absurd moments within the Western genre and below the skillful direction of Sergio Leone become salt for spaghetti, and the tale of the partnership between One-Handed and Colonel Mortimer tenaciously keeps viewers in the screens, which are in all probability visited by such thoughts: ¬¬ “I'm wondering what will occur further? Will One-Armed and Colonel Mortimer find mutual understanding? ” “A few dollars more” - shootings, chases, music of the time, personifying the coming of death, here satire, as well as foolishness, lives alongside each other with drama and ironically interpreted religious motives. And, finally, situation shown by Sergio Leone may be the archetype of varied paintings, where partnerships flow into friendship, though into a type of friendship, within this friendship somebody can shoot a buddy from the neck so that he isn't killed by the thugs of the ultimate boss. The hearth is burning beneath the pan. The spaghetti sets out to boil. Sergio Leone's tape is indeed a classic from the genre, and it is clear and understandable by the sound of bullets fired with the heroes, bank robberies along with the long glances that two shooters exchange prior to the decisive shot, that shot that decides human destiny. The creators not only highlight their creation (and they actually do it well), but in addition touch on burning topics in a few instances of the film, not afraid to scoff at corrupt politicians and cunning businessmen, using original script moves. Also, it is over interesting to view numerous Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef - the heroes of the existing and new generation of westerns who, in photographs of Manco (One-armed) and Colonel Mortimer, now and then prove something to each other, competing from the having a revolver and doing of sieve hats. Hmm, something's getting hot with the food prep, phew, you're ready serve spaghetti to the table. Winnie, the attendees are waiting, hurry up, these are hungry and have come to taste Leone's signature spaghetti. It's tricky with an expressive chef to find the best helper these days. Spaghetti is served, but wait a moment, dear guests. Undoubtedly, Sergio Leone in the “A Few Dollars More” demonstrates to the world of cinema the lion's share of his talent and professionalism, and the picture itself can be considered hypertrophied dominating before the first film with the trilogy, which attracted a persons vision of the expressive Akira Kurosawa. Several years later, Leone's brainchild attempts to please a wide range of people, as well as the film succeeds: those viewers who crave a dramatic story comprehend it, those who love shooting and duels are satisfied, and connoisseurs of satirical humor will likely be satisfied after watching. Structure music, you are able to speak briefly - Ennio Morricone. Dear listeners, perhaps I am too excited, which makes my thoughts just a little confused, but in the event you watch an awesome film of my fellow countryman at least, you may be convinced of your correctness of my words. However, I won't hide my bias, I must say i love the stories regarding the shooters of the wild west, where the two not the same bounty hunters chasing the same victim, but not precisely the same motives. Oh, I almost forgot, season with spaghetti sauce and garnish with basil. Looks pretty good. Enjoy your meal! https://www.123moviessdsasas.com
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